Our Food Pantry helps between 800 and 1200 individuals in need right here in our area every single month. Local partners and volunteers make this possible without the need for a single penny of government money. Families in need can choose food right from the shelf just like in the store, and our team ensures that they have a friendly and encouraging experience.

And we need people like you to make it possible.

Our Food Pantry team is looking for a key person, a team leader, and someone able-bodied and passionate to help our pantry manager keep things running well and running smoothly.

This will include helping with food pickups and deliveries, labeling, dating, and organizing donated food items, completing donation receipts, and helping us maintain our food pantry area.

It’s a physical role, requiring great energy and the ability to lift 25lbs. You’ll be working with a high-energy team in what can be a fast-paced environment, so working well with others is a must!