Love Inc. A Local Need… Answered

Love, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Burlington, Wisconsin, with programs and services dedicated to serving families in need and individuals in Western Racine County. The heart of our work is providing our neighbors in need with access to services and resources to help them build on their strengths and develop self-sufficiency. Their success is our success.

We take our role as cabin crew for the community’s donations seriously and pride ourselves on our efficiency. 93 cents of every dollar we receive is spent on our programs. Very few organizations could make that claim.

Since 1984, Love, Inc. has operated on the principle of neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone involved at Love, Inc., from our Board of Directors to the staff and our volunteers, is invested in the outcome of our work.

We are your local, home-grown charity that makes a difference in the lives of over 1200 of our neighbors monthly. And always, as we work to fulfill our mission, we never stop adhering to our vision and operating within our local, community-based values.

If you want to learn more or see our operation in person, we want to give you a tour! Please contact us!

Core Values of Love, Inc.

Accountability: We are mindful stewards of the resources entrusted to us.
Empathy: We have compassion for our clients.
Empowerment: We encourage our clients to reach their full potential.
Integrity: We honor the trust placed in us by our clients and the community.

Our Mission

The greatest purpose of Love, Inc. is to channel the goodwill and strength of our community into making a positive difference. Our mission is to be a community network, helping our neighbors in need. Our vision is to have a community where every individual has reached their full potential by developing their strengths and increasing their self-sufficiency.

Our Impact

Over 1000 different households in Western Racine County receive services through Love, Inc. each year. Nearly 10,000 family members are fed each year. through our food pantry. About 900 children are “adopted” each year during our Christmas assistance program. Approximately 1,500 pieces of medical equipment are loaned out each year through our Medical Supply program. But the true way in which lives are touched each day goes way beyond statistics. With ongoing community support, Love, Inc. and its partners continually provide aid to those facing hardship, disaster, and financial challenges. Love is a place where real lives are turned around.

Our History

Since its inception in 1984, Love’s mission has been to connect those needing help with available resources. In 1988, Love, Inc. separately incorporated from the national organization, becoming a completely local agency. Our main office building at 480 S. Pine St. was purchased in 1996. In 2010, in order to meet the increasing service needs of our clients, our food pantry area was expanded and remodeled. Over the years, Love, Inc. has grown by adding new thrift stores to support its operations, cultivating new community partnerships to support the needs of our clients, and utilizing the skills and time of invaluable volunteers to accomplish our mission. We’ve come a long way and continue to evolve to meet the needs of the community.

Our Team

Our service team works together to oversee operations in the areas of retail management, social services, assistance programs, volunteering, and administration.

Our dedicated team of local professionals works hard every day to meet the needs of our community and provide the best service to our clients, volunteers, and community partners.

Southern Lakes Area Board of Directors

Our dedicated Board of Directors has the responsibility of making sure Love, Inc. remains a local resource for area families and individuals in need.

Made up of people like you, our board comes from a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences, and they are joined together by the common passion to make our community the best that it can be.