Your donation of no longer needed clothing and household items is the main source of revenue for our programs. By donating to Love, Inc. you are directly helping your neighbor as none of the proceeds ever leave our community. We are truly your local charity.

Our programs and services are fueled by the resale of your clean and gently used donated items. Not only does the sale of these items fund our operation, but the items themselves are a resource to those in need.  Our client assistance programs offer those in a need a dignified way to select from the same quality items right from our store shelves at no cost- families are provided with needed clothing household goods, and more because of your generosity every single day.

By donating your items to Love, Inc. you are directly helping community families and individuals in need as all of the proceeds from sales remain local, and your items go to immediately helping those in need right here in western Racine County and surrounding areas.

We are truly your community charity. Our Donation Center is located at 401 Milwaukee Ave. in Burlington.

We ask that all clothing/textile items are brought in small bags, and books and similar items are brought in small to medium size boxes.

At Love, Inc., you can give with confidence that your items DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Not just somewhere… right here!

  • PAINT (used oils/hazardous materials)

Our Donation Center Hours of Operation Are



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401 Milwaukee Ave, Burlington, WI 53105

Donation Center gates are located between our Home Store and Reinemans True Value Hardware Store.

Dumping of donations outside the Donation Center gate or inside or outside any of our locations could result in fines.  Donations left in inclement weather become ruined and are a drain on our community network.

It’s easy to support our mission! Simply drop off your items.

Donation Center