The Love, Inc. Medical Crisis Fund was born out the need to help clients experiencing financial challenges due to an unexpected injury or illness. The funding of this program, like the many other programs Love, Inc. offers, relies on the generosity of area businesses and community members.
When a client and former recipient of the Medical Crisis Fund wanted to give back to Love, Inc. and help grow the fund that helped her get through some difficult times, Kristina Krueger, a previous Social Service intern and current Food Pantry Manager, started the gears in motion to organize the first Love, Inc. Kayak Run.
The event took place on July 20th when 30 kayakers and 15 others who cheered from the side gathered at Riverview Park in Lyons, WI. Children were welcome and were treated to some fun and refreshing water activities at the park while their parents kayaked. Participants kayaked down the White River and finished with a celebration at the park that included a raffle and a festive cookout.
Kayakers and other event attendees got to know Love, Inc. as more than a Thrift Store. Events like these are a wonderful way to share what Love, Inc. offers our community through its mission, programs and services. It was also a great chance form new friendships and share the laughter that comes when people gather and give for a good cause.
Many thanks to the kayakers, staff, friends, and family members that helped organize, run and participate in the event. Much appreciation goes out to the area business that supported the raffle. All these efforts for the Kayak Run event helped to bring in $1,231. for the Medical Crisis Fund, adding to Love, Inc. resources that assist community members in need.