At Love Inc., we can’t say enough how important the investment of our community is. Without it, Love Inc. would not exist. We are the conduit that the people in our community have created to help their neighbors in need without requiring government money. Neighbors helping neighbors.

That sentiment especially applies to programs like our Adopt-a-Family Christmas program- which makes a Christmas miracle possible for over 900 local children and their families every year. This happens because community partners adopt and donate the gifts and toys that make it possible.

They expect their considerable investment to go to the families who need it most, and a conservative estimate of what that investment is each year runs in the ballpark of $160,000… minimum (and most sponsors and donors don’t stop at the minimum).

So when it comes time to pack up our holiday program for next year, we need to make sure that investment is handled correctly and the resources that remain are carefully stored for next year.

Love, Inc. is thankful for the group of 7 volunteers from Fox River Christian Church of Waterford that almost single handedly packed and organized all of it, an act that in truth amounted to 24.5 hours of work hours… and they did it, and did it well, in 3 1/2 hours… together, as a team. Their work is a microcosm of the spirit and dedication to community that built Love Inc. and the kind that keeps our mission and programs alive today.

We cannot do what we do without volunteers.

Ben Mitchell

Program Director

Love Inc.