The Love, Inc. Medical Supply Closet got a recent makeover thanks to 10 volunteers from Johnson Financial who thankfully donated a work day to paint a few areas in need of repair. We appreciate the time and talent of these volunteers in helping to make our service areas a welcoming place for the clients we serve.

The freshly painted area has been restocked with a supply of canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, toilet risers, shower chairs and other supplies for those in need of medical equipment on a temporary basis.

313 pieces of medical equipment were loaned to community members last year including elders in need and those recovering from an injury. There is no fee for the loaning of this donated equipment.

We also gladly accept donations of medical equipment in good working order so that we can continue this valuable service. Wheelchairs are especially requested. If you have a need for medical equipment or have items to donate please call Love, Inc. at 262-763-6226 for more information.