“Hello, this is the Love, Inc. Program Center. How may I help you?”

When Vince injured his shoulder on the job with a landscaping company, he couldn’t return to work until after surgery and the following months of physical therapy. Being unable to work at his job left Vince without much to do which can be difficult for someone used to being “on the go”.

Though his employer, Vince was able to take advantage of a work placement program that pays him to volunteer during his recovery.

Enter Love, Inc. with its need for a Courtesy Pick Up Dispatcher at our Program Center. This staff volunteer position requires being computer savvy along with having excellent communication skills for answering phones and relaying information. By working at the reception desk, Vince uses his talents to help his community while recovering from surgery. He is the helpful voice on the other side of the phone. For Love, Inc. its like borrowing a good employee.

In the past, Love, Inc. has utilized other individuals in similar circumstances by finding volunteer opportunities at our agency that require their unique skills. It’s a given that Vince, like others who found us through work placement services, will be leaving the agency one day to return to his job. When that time comes, he will leave with a special understanding of the lives we touch in our work at Love, Inc. and we will have known a remarkable young man who shared his time and talents with us.