After making it through another long Wisconsin winter, Love, Inc. welcomes its change of season rituals throughout the organization. Staff and volunteers pitch in to keep the different areas fresh and welcoming. Pictured above is Dave (a volunteer for almost 15 years) recently donating his time and expertise putting a fresh coat of wax on the floor of our Program Center.

For Love, Inc. thrift stores, spring cleaning signals a time of changeovers. Big sales move out the remaining winter items and newly donated spring and summer inventory take their place on shelves, racks and displays. Many individuals give up their weekends to make this all possible in a timely manner.

Cleaning and organizing our operating areas is obviously not just limited to springtime. High usage spaces such as the donation center, food pantry, sorting sections, kitchen and offices require year-round consideration for safety, efficiency and day to day developments.

Any time of year is good for a creative view, review and refreshing of our workplace, but the season of spring inspires us at Love, Inc. to give a little more of ourselves to make a difference in our surroundings.